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This is our story. From the beginning...

Company establishment
press working of plastic

First contacts with companies ERAPA, GALIKA, METEOR
Start cooperated machinery production of parts with cutting operation

Transformation to the Limited Company
Node production for reeling machine (METEOR), packiging  machines (FROMM) and ultrasound welding machine (TELSONIC)

Contacts with the company ERAPA-CEKA
Common development of winding automats with 6 and 12 spindel  (METEOR)

Profiling of the company – focus on construction, production and assembly of single-purpose machines, engineering activities

Bulding of the new production and business capacities

Development and production of laser marker
Expansion of machining of 3D surfaces   Expansion of construction systems CAD and MECHANICAL DESKTOP

Implementation of metrological regulations of the company and building of the metrology for proof of measuring instruments
Take over the commercial representation of the company FROMM

Development and delivery of bank systems
Construction of packiging machines for banknotes, rotating horizontal wraping packiging machine ROB 4

Purchase of the system UNIGRAPHICS
Start of construction and development operations for chain transporters

Building up the measurement centre
Machinery holding completing, new machines purchase

Reconstruction, modernization and heat cladding of the building


...till today



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