vybavenieWith our machinery equipment, we are able to ensure precise and quick production in regard to your requirements.



sluzbyAs an addition to our core business line mentioned above, in the range of free capacities, we can offer following


ISO 9001

pr1One of the objective statements about quality of prodution and services in our company is certificate ISO 9001.


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The Company has available production plants with a total area of over 3,000 sqm divided as follows:

• machining workshop equipped with state-of-the-art, mostly CNC machines for milling, turning, boring and drilling and non-conventional technologies (electro-spark cutting and drilling);
• fitting and welding shops and iron and steel products store, including furnaces for thermal treatment of steels; and
• measuring centre.


Our technological equipment allows to produce:

• miniatures and specific parts
• difficult operation units
• single-purpose machines and lines convenient for elektrotechnical, automobile and general machinery industry


We dispose of capacities for construction, which cooperate mainly with technical preparation of orders, transformation the formats of drawings, consulations wich customers, details drawing, modification of documentation for special customer requirements nad for techonological opportunities of production, oprimalization of piece lists, preparation of production drawing and proposal of complet devices. We use modern software equipment, which is able to prepare 3D models for consistent 3D or 5D machining and assembly.

TCCONTACT is the official partner for CEMAS Elettra

TCCONTACT is the official partner for CEMAS Elettra regarding service, sales, assembly and production for plastic joining. We offer complete production of segments, tool inclusive pneumatic and electric for plastic joining, modification of ceramics, flexible service and solutions for new technologies for the customers. More on the following website.

Precision machinery

Thanks to the precise CNC working machine, devices and methods, we are able to produce also high precise and difficult shaped miniature parts, precise measuring, producing and assembling jigs. We work also with 3D till 5D surfaces.

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Operation units

We present you the sample of chosen technological nodes and operational units, from which we build individual devices and complexes. There are mostly units for charging, control, removal and manipulation with parts for other applications.

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Single-purpose machines and lines

The production of single-purpose machines and lines, including their electroparts is made without any problems. Transport systems, which are basics of our technological complex. The results of our work find the application in machine industry – mainly in automobile industry and relative branches and in electrotechnical concerns.

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Transport systems

The transport of parts in special machines in exact specified position, take down transport between individual machines of technological lines and complexes provide transport systems. Their production includes wide assortment of universal transporters, which are used in different devices, and also in special single-purpose transporters, which are developed and produced for special device assortment.

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Automobile industry

The important part of production is assigned for automobile industry. It is used for automatical assembly of headlights, tail lights, line for assembly of back mirror etc. For this area are chosen also different testers and measuring devices.

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Electro industry

The wide range of parts and devices is determined for electro industry – the production and assembly of lighting device, bulbs, automats for testing of electro components.

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Final succes of our work and final phase of production activity is assembly. Experienced employees, which know every component of particular device into details, make its assembling right and perfect – it includes the assembly of machinery part and its electro part – strong and also weak curent (scanning, controlling, steering, gearing,...). In more extensive devices, lines and technological complexes after assembly follows activation and proof of the whole complex in our company. Afterwards is made the assembly and division of complex on fractional nodes, expedition to customer and final assembly and activation in customer’s company after finishing the examinational activity and approvement of acceptance certificate.

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